Wednesday’s Weird Word: Doggess

by Barbara Behan

One of my favorite family heirlooms is a 75-year-old leather-bound dictionary.  It belonged to my great-grandfather and has thousands and thousands of those ultra-thin pages like the dictionaries in libraries have.  In fact, I’m pretty sure this could be the dictionary in the Library of Congress.  It’s that marvelous.

Opening this book anywhere is like riding a magic carpet to Old Language Land.  I found some great old words recently, and will be sharing some on Wednesdays here on The Word Bath.

Today’s word is:


Now, doggess means just what it sounds like:  female dog.

I’m sure none of you fine people ever let fly with the other word for female dog, but if you ever wanted to and felt it wasn’t appropriate, now you have an alternative.

But beyond that, I just kind of like it.  It sounds a little like princess or duchess.

What do you think?  Will you be adding doggess to your vocabulary?