The Bluebird of Soiled Blog Content

by Barbara Behan

Imagine that you’ve washed your car window, and bird immediately nails it.

What happens?  Well, you probably see only the mess — not the glass you buffed to a streak-free shine.   In fact, the cleaner the window, the more you seem to see the bird doo-doo.

Don’t do this with your writing.

I’m talking about the following common mistakes that we see every day online.  Most of us know how not to make these errors.   But in our haste to share stellar content, we sometimes forget them.   We let fly with little blobs of word-poo and forget to clean them up.  The effect is especially jarring if our content, by contrast, shines bright.

If you’re prone to imperfect writing, I suggest keeping this list of common online writing errors near your computer.  And if you don’t know why they’re mistakes, call me…we’ll talk.

1:  Alot. 

2:  Your/you’re. 

3:  They’re/there/their. 

4:  Its/it’s. 

5:  Definately/Definatly/Defiantly

There are definitely more such common mistakes (not defiantly), but these are some I see the most.

Do you have others to add?